Malt Creative


For more than 85 years, Better Hearing Australia (VIC) had played a vital role in assisting people navigate the experience of living with hearing conditions. Embarking on a new future, the Victorian division engaged Malt Creative to assist with developing a new contemporary brand that would represent it’s new vision moving forward. As well as assisting people experiencing hearing conditions, Soundfair wanted to eliminate the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions, and create a world of sound accessibility for everyone – Sound fair?

What we did

  • Name Development
  • Branding
  • Brand Personality
  • Print Collateral
  • Stationery
  • Promotional
  • Signage
  • Website

The Challenge

Develop a brand that would elevate the message for those with hearing conditions.

The Solution

Created a brand that asks the community to question the fairness of hearing equality.

Empowering. Hearing. Equality.